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Find the extent of your business relationships, identify your competitors, future clients, and capable potential partners and suppliers.

Firmogram is a leading platform for visualization and analysis of business data, competitive landscape, and supply-chain ecosystems intelligence. Zoom in on individual businesses to gain insights that will lead to fast and easy purchase or sales decision. Start today and save time and effort with powerful marketplace analytics!

Upload & Automate

A platform that imports, simplifies, adds functionality, and enriches your existing database of companies

Analyze & plan

Built-in analytics and easy interactive navigation enable you to analyze your target customers and formulate strategies

Create & Share

Bring your team up to speed on the firms in your ecosystem, including your competitors, customers and suppliers

Intelligence Hub

A visual firmographics of potential clients, competitive landscapes and supply-chain ecosystems intelligence

Marketplace Analytics

Save costs required for attracting new clients and advertising your capabilities using the most intelligent B2B marketplace

Awesome platform

A thorough analysis of your ecosystem that clearly identifies the growth opportunities that should be pursued

B2B Sales Intelligence and Marketplace Analytics

Marketing Team

Discover new business opportunities, and manage  serious marketing accounts

Sales Team

Manage your prospects and directly connect with the sales decision makers

Procurement Team

Unlock the real value of your extended supply chain and procure in real-time

Easy and reliable integration

Streamline customer and
supplier databases

Export or import business leads
with a click of a button.

Create custom business data for
rapid business agility.




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