“Once (this building) is completed, I think it will demonstrate how straightforward a system it is,” – Acton, Vancouver Sun.

The sci-fi futuristic urban jungle that is cold and edgy may not be such an accurate prediction after all. You may have noticed that new buildings and parks resemble more of our natural environment, and less so like the city-scape from The Matrix. In pursuit of our ambitious goal to be the Greenest city in the world, Vancouver is going through a makeover.

Spearheaded by Vancouver’s municipal government,  the city has set itself a 2020 deadline to achieve its green badge of pride. One strategy in its “Action Plan” is to push the construction of LEED-certified projects, which includes the following soon-to-be landmark:

Earlier this summer, the University of British Columbia announced the rising of Vancouver’s tallest timber tower. The Brock Commons, standing at 174 feet tall, is a monument of the sustainability features of wood, and encourages people to look at the starking financial differences between using wood and other manufactured materials. Wood is becoming the obvious construction alternative because of what it naturally does: absorb CO2 from our atmosphere rather than emit it in production.

There’s no doubt that Vancouver will be able to achieve this goal, as we all know that the lumber industry in BC is abundant. According to Make It Wood, it’s not only a solid choice for its calming aesthetics.

  1. Wood is good for your health! It helps lower heart rate and stress responses and encourages greater interaction between people.
  2. Unlike certain metals we would normally use, wood is renewable! If we do this right, forests will regrow, and can provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation, and forest habitat.
  3. Wood is practically the most ideal material to work with! It’s a great insulator, structurally very strong in comparison to radiata pine timber, it’s cheaper, it’s easier to work with, and it’s beautiful!

With its’ design mixed with modern LED lighting, these wooden buildings are breathtaking. For more information about different ways to structure your building, contact us today! We can help set you up with the right service provider in your area.



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