Giving Your Strata a Little Slack

We’ve all been there. You see something wrong with your building –whether it’s a crack on the ceiling, a stove is broken, you want to install a new HVAC system  –but it seems like the manager isn’t responding the way you’d like. We understand. Sometimes, strata managers can come off as rude or disinterested, but often times, that’s not the whole story. The truth is that when one person is set to represent an entire group of people that most other people don’t get to see, this person has to be strong with the decisions the group has made, and isn’t granted the pleasure in giving a resident leeway or provide other more appealing options.

Why are we writing this? Because FIRMOGRAM often works with Strata Managers, hoping to make their lives a little easier by shortening the amount of time it takes to find qualified service providers within the budget to do the job right.

Strata managers cannot spend money for a specific expenditure without the strata council authorizing this purchase. When a resident asks for something, the manager can’t say yes or no right off the bat. A meeting is called, conversations need to happen, and the decision is ultimately made by the team, not the individual with the title.  If you want your building to be the best it can be, give the council some time to talk it out, and trust that their decision is made on behalf of the entire building.

Sometimes, it’s just miscommunication.

Before you get upset about the lack of results your strata manager can give you, take some time to look into what the strata manager can actually do. For instance, a common misconception is that strata managers should give advice, including legal advice. This is not true. A strata manager’s job is to provide options. As well, the strata world is very competitive, so one of the tougher jobs amongst a grocery list of other things, is that the manager has to keep the fees low.

We like to assume that all the strata managers try their best to keep their residents happy. Why not? The alternative is that residents choose another building, but who is that ultimately going to help? Most of the things that strata managers are responsible for aren’t in front of the residents.

We would like to provide you with two options:

Firstly, remember that your strata manager is also a human being. When you feel pressure at work from a crazy deadline, or you are over loaded with work, remember that this is the life of a strata manager. If you don’t feel comfortable asking what the strata is up to, remember that their job is to hear you and take your concerns to the council.

Secondly, help your manager by providing solutions! At times, your manager is going to ask you to take care of the problem yourself, and that’s okay! We have created the FIRMOGRAM MARKETPLACE so you can easily browse around your area for quality service providers who are eager to help you. If you’re a hands-on type of person, talk to them directly, get quotes fast, and share this information with your building!

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