How to Cut Costs and CO2 Emissions on the Road

The worst part of being stuck in traffic is not always being stuck in traffic. You can always distract yourself. If a train is in your way, you could ramp up your radio. Car-aoke can be so much fun. No, the worst part about being stuck in traffic is imagining your gas slowly spewing out as you are adding no extra miles to your odometer.  

Luckily for us though –the future is now! Have you looked into of “no-idle” vehicles yet? Basically, idling is when a driver leaves the engine running while the vehicle is parked. When you do this to your car for hours, it’s using about the same amount of gas as you would if the car was moving.

If you’re running a business that involves keeping your engine running to keep other machines going, that’s okay too. There are actually new products out that allow your engine to take a break while keeping your products safe and fresh. Take a browse through Volta Air. They have a no-idle truck air conditioning unit, which is a 12V system with an auxiliary battery bank that is charged while the truck is driven!

For those who are like most of us at Firmogram, we can provide a few tips to help you cut costs and carbon emissions when you’re stuck on the road with us:

  • Turn off your engine if you’re waiting for more than 10 seconds. Idling for even10 seconds can waste more gas than restarting the engine. Anything above uses more fuel than if you were to turn off your car and restart the engine.
  • Warm up your engine by driving your car.  Today’s electronic engines do not need to warm up, even in the colder winter seasons.  After a few seconds, feel free to start driving. The vehicle’s engine warms twice as quickly when driven.
  • An average idling car uses somewhere between 1/5 to 7/10 of a gallon of fuel an hour. Today’s vehicles with fuel injection and electronic ignition start more easily and suffer far less wear and tear on the engine components. The money you save by not idling will more than offset any costs for wear-and-tear on your vehicle.


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