Hiring Environmentalists Is Good for Business

There’s nothing more satisfying than working for someone who shares the same values as you do. It shouldn’t take hard statistics to tell you that when working in a place that shares your passions and concerns, your morale will stay up and motivation will be harder to lose. Well, if a simple statement doesn’t do it for you, it has been proven! Researchers have found that environmental sustainability (which we all know now is not just a trend) can pay a powerful role in recruitment when organizations successfully link their initiatives to being green!

Organizations that intend to take an even more active pro-environmental stance aim would not only align applicant preferences, but actual work behaviours as well! Through applied personnel selection science, researchers have identified job candidates who are more likely to display high levels of job performance. Industrial psychology has a long tradition of maximizing task performance, citizenship, and minimizing counterproductive behaviours through similar means of hiring. So, if you’re ever wondering about different ways to boost team morale, think of ways to green up the office! Below are some suggestions:

Eco-friendly office products to set the mood:

Comfy furniture can also mean recycled furniture! Give your office that homey feeling by using recycled materials to build your office chairs. As well, LED lights are a good place to start, because they let out more light for longer while saving you money on electricity (so you can spend it on office snacks).

Revert back to natural:

Natural daylight is a free and is a comforting source of lighting for the office. Install more windows! It has been proven that natural light can improve work productivity and satisfaction, which means better sales for you! To take this even further, stay away from chemical-filled products such as certain ventilation materials and paints. Good ventilation and low-VOC paints and materials, such as furniture and carpet, will keep employees happy and healthy.

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