AYO Energy Management

Services/Products Description: We provide technology and business expertise to building owners, operators and developers to design and implement integrated energy efficient and renewable energy systems that will reduce energy and operational costs, carbon footprint, and other environmental impacts.


LED Lighting

AYO provides turnkey lighting solutions for commercial facilities — in retrofit or new buildings — taking care of every step of the process from lighting assessment, design, product sourcing, installation, performance and service monitoring and maintenance service. We provide you with worry-free, high-quality, and long-lasting lighting across all your facilities, while saving you a lot of money. We can reduce your lighting cost by 50% to 90% immediately, as well as significantly minimize maintenance and replacement costs.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) &

Blutree system is a new approach to creating and controlling micro climates that requires minimum energy to heat and cool buildings. The system captures the heat of the exhaust air while bring in fresh air continuously to create a healthy fresh indoor environment. The system requires minimum maintenance as it does not require annual servicing. It is also very much quieter than the furnace or air conditioner.

Solar Energy (Thermal, Photo Voltaic)

AYO Energy helps home owners, businesses and governments to save money by integrating solar energy systems. Solar panel and system cost have reduced significantly over the last few years while the cost of electricity is going up every year. Solar energy allows you to generate electricity and heat to meet your needs and go beyond to generate revenue by selling power to utility. AYO will work with approved installers to install and commission the system and set up service and monitoring contracts with the customer.

Energy Management and Monitoring

AYO will source the right system that makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of energy management systems, calculate potential cost savings and have the flexibility to bill tenants for the energy they use. The system we implement will allow you to understand where and how energy is used in your building. We do this by installing the most reliable multi-point metering systems that the industry can provide. Our systems is based on wireless network that allows you to access data from anywhere through internet cloud service.