CSR Environmental Ltd.

Services/Products Description: Environmental Engineering Consulting


Environmental Impact Assessment and Permitting

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) function to identify project liabilities and risks and are a key to project success, as they can help avoid delays and unnecessary costs. CSR Environmental’s team will work with your project team by offering expertise on EIA provincial and federal regulations and guidelines in-line with established standards.

Riparian Area Regulation Assessment

The Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) provides interpretation of the streamside protection directives described in the Act and mandates that local municipal governments provide protection of fish and fish habitat within selected areas of British Columbia. CSR Environmental’s Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEP) are experienced to provide Simple and Detailed RAR assessment reports which can result in a reduction of the prescribed 30 m setback. Our team of professionals can also provide guidance on how to reduce the impact of a development on the existing riparian environment. The Assessment Report identifies measures that will be required to maintain the integrity of the riparian area in the development project.

Habitat Management and Environmental Monitoring

CSR Environmental’s experience in instream works includes preliminary assessment and design, habitat evaluation, development of mitigation strategies, permitting, compensation habitat design, construction monitoring and reporting, and environmental assessment and monitoring as part of habitat enhancement planning. Our project team has developed mitigation and compensation plans for many projects including bank stabilization, culvert replacement, and road construction and maintenance. We also conduct marine foreshore assessments. In addition, CSR Environmental can provide environmental monitoring services for linear, urban and resource development projects. Our recent experience includes providing environmental management and monitoring services for construction of run-of-river power projects and transportation projects in British Columbia. CSR Environmental’s approach to monitoring is to protect our client from incurring environmental liabilities or breaching regulations during con